Mallory Martin
English Instructor, Adult or grade school (that's John and Jessie)

Native language: English, USA no accent
Other Languages: Spanish - nominal, Korean - nominal,
Currently living in: Korea (South)
Skype name: mal421

  Let me tell you about myself.

I have several years of experience tutoring English to speakers of Spanish. I have one year experience teaching ages 3 to 11 in a Private Language Institute in Korea. I am an active member of KOTESOL and Chairperson to the KOTESOL National Publicity Committee.

BA Major ENGLISH Minor Art from Ole' Miss, The University of Mississippi

2001 Lighthouse Ministries, Volunteer teaching with Homeless Illiteracy Program

2006 - 2007 English Instructor Korea

IELTS test preperation

Chairperson KOTESOL National Publicity Committee

I like to see my students smile!

Available for employment.

  • Full-time, Contract
  • Location: Open to any inquiries.
  • ESL Job Interests: Adults, children, one-on-one
Please contact me for more information.